Workshops & Training

Purpose of Workshop

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as young “Electrical Engineers” and a group of enthusiastic and dedicated entrepreneurs with commitment to quality, sound technical experience in Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Supply of Energy Conservation Products as well as Services.

As a single window solution, pertaining to Reactive Power Compensation, Energy Conservation, Power Quality, over 15 years of Rich experience M/S Strom Energie Pvt. Ltd Group stands tall on a foundation of trust, transparency and is known for core values of Integrity, business ethics and customer education with satisfaction.

Summary of Products & Services as follows :

Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply, Erection and Commissioning of Various Energy Saving Products specifically APFC Panels.

Offering Most Effective Automatic Power Factor System to Achieve Consistent Guaranteed Unity Billed Power Factor In Electricity Bill for both H.T as well as L.T. consumers

Saving on kWh Recording with perfect automation of Existing Power Factor Improvement Capacitors

Energy Audits by Certified Energy Auditors

First Time in India – Books on Electricity Tariff and Electricity Bill Analysis with In house Workshop on “Art Of Reading Electricity Bill”

Detailed Harmonic Analysis,

Enhancement of Existing APFC system followed by Annual Maintenance Contract

Electrical Safety Audits

Publishing technical papers in various news papers, magazines, websites for creating awareness in society about “Electricity Tariff” and “Electrical Safety”.

Objective of the Workshop

Recently MSEDCL published the Tariff till March 2020. Another side still consumer is unable to understand the calculation of the Bills. To create the awareness for the Energy Savings and Reduction in the bill, we have taken up the initiative.

Our experience is that after knowing the “Worth To Know” Details, consumers take initiatives and reduce the electricity bills.

The workshop will propagate state-of-the-art information on new techniques for Solar, We would also like to share success stories related to workshop topics, which will be beneficial to the participants.

Who should attend

The workshop will be very useful for

Electricity used at Low/Medium voltage for operating various appliances used for purposes such as Lighting, Heating, Cooling, Cooking, Washing/Cleaning, Entertainment/Leisure, Water Pumping etc. in the following premises:

  • Private Residential premises, Government/Semi Government Residential Quarters
  • Premises used exclusively for worship such as temples, gurudwaras, churches, mosques etc. provided that the halls, gardens or any part of such premises that may be let out for a consideration or used for commercial activities would be charged at the applicable LT II Tariff
  • All Student Hostels affiliated to Educational Institutions
  • All other Students’ or Working Men/Women’s Hostels
  • Other types of Homes/Hostels such as Homes/Hostels for Destitute, Disabled Persons(physically or mentally handicapped) and mentally ill persons, Remand Homes, Dharamshalas, Rescue Homes, Orphanages-subject to verification and confirmation by the Distribution Licensee’s concerned Zonal Chief Engineer or equivalent
  • Government/Private/Cooperative Housing Colonies/Complexes(where electricity is extensively used for domestic purposes) only for common facilities such as Water Pumping/Street and other Common Area Lighting/Lifts/Parking Lots/Fire Fighting Pumps and other equipment
  • Sport Clubs or Facilities/Health Clubs or Facilities/Gymnasium/Swimming Pool/Community Hall of Government/Private/Cooperative Housing Colonies/Complexes provided that they are situated in the same premises and are for the exclusive use of the members and employees of such Housing Colonies/Complexes
  • Telephone Booths owned/operated by Persons with disabilities/handicapped persons
  • Residential Premises used by professionals like Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Chartered Accountants etc. in furtherance of their professional activities but not including Nursing Homes and Surgical Wards or Hospitals
  • Single Phased Household Flour Mills used only for captive purposes
  • A Residential LT Consumer with consumption up to 500 units per month who undertakes construction or renovation activity in his existing premises such consumer shall not require a separate temporary connection and would be billed at the Residential Tariff Rate
  • NOTE: This Tariff Category shall also be applicable to consumers who are supplied power at High Voltage for any of the purposes (a) to (k) above.
  • Consumers undertaking a Business or Commercial/Industrial/Non Residential Activities from a part of their Residence whose monthly consumption is up to 300 units a month and annual consumption in the previous financial year was up to 3600 units. The applicability of this tariff to such consumers will be assessed at the end of each financial year. In case consumption has exceeded 3600 units in the previous financial year, the consumer will thereafter not be eligible for tariff under this category but be charged at the tariff otherwise applicable for such consumption with prior intimation to him.
  • Entities supplied electricity at a single point at Low/Medium Voltage for Residential purposes in accordance with the Electricity(Removal of Difficulties) Eighth Order, 2005,in the following cases:
    • A Cooperative Group Housing Society which owns the premises, for making electricity available to the members of such society residing in the same premises for Residential purposes
    • A person for making electricity available to its employees residing in the same premises for Residential purposes
  • Non Residential, Commercial and Business premises including Shopping Malls and Showrooms
  • Combined lighting and power supply for facilities relating to Entertainment including Film Studios, Cinemas and Theatres(including Multiplexes), Hospitability, Leisure, Meeting/Town Halls and Places of Recreation and Public Entertainment
  • Offices including Commercial Establishments
  • Marriage Halls, Hotels/Restaurants, Ice Cream Parlours, Coffee Shops, Guest Houses, Internet/Cyber Cafes, Telephone Booths and Fax/Photocopy shops not covered under the LT I Category
  • Automobile and all other types of repairs, servicing and maintenance centres(unless specifically covered under another tariff category), Retail Gas Filling Stations, Petrol Pumps and Service Stations including Garages
  • Tailoring Shops, Computer Training Institutes, Typing Institutes, Photo Laboratories, Laundries, Beauty Parlours and Salons
  • Banks and ATM Centers, Telephone Exchanges, TV Stations, Microwave Stations, Radio Stations, Telecommunication Towers
  • Common Facilities like Water Pumping/Street and other Common Area Lighting/Lifts/Parking Lots/Fire Fighting Pumps and other equipment
  • Sport Clubs or Facilities/Health Clubs or Facilities/Gymnasium/Swimming Pool not covered under any other category
  • External Illumination of Monuments/Historical/Heritage Buildings approved by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) or the concerned Local Authority
  • Construction of all types of structures/infrastructure such as buildings, bridges, fly-overs, dams, Power Stations, roads, Aerodromes, tunnels for laying pipelines for all purposes and which is not covered under the Temporary Tariff Category
  • NOTE: Residential LT Consumers with a consumption above 500 units per month and who undertake construction or renovation activity in their existing premises such consumer shall not require a separate temporary connection and would be billed at the LT II Commercial Tariff Rate Milk Collection Centres
  • Sewage Treatment Plants/Common Effluent Treatment Plants for Commercial Complexes not covered under the LT-Public Water Works or LT-Industry categories
  • Standalone Research and Development units not covered under any other category

Individuals from following categories Will benefit the Workshop :

  • Utility In charge / Mangers from Housing Societies
  • Energy Auditors and Energy Managers working on Renewable energy projects
  • Energy Auditing firms
  • Architects / Sustainable Architects
  • Finance Managers and Administrative Managers in Corporate Housing Societies
  • Builders and Developers
  • Renewable Energy Equipments/Systems Manufacturers (Solar and Small Wind Mill)
  • Senior /Middle level utility engineers from Builders and Developers including Mall Developers.
  • Students taking Courses in Energy Management / Energy Systems and Sustainable Architecture
  • Faculty Members and Students from various Colleges, Institutions and Universities
  • All type of staff from MSEDCL
  • Energy Managers and Finance Managers in IT Industry
  • Co-operative Housing Societies Chairmen, Secretary, Electricians, Contractors etc.